What's Causing Your Sensitivity?

Whitening products, dental procedures, harsh abrasives, mouth conditions? See what others are saying:

Powerful Benefits for Sensitivity and Irritation:

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Pain Relief

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Wound healing

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Treat abrasions

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Treat irritations

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#1 in Naturally-Soothing Sensitive Care!

More aloe PLUS allantoin than any of the leading sensitive brands.

Aloe Sense Package 5 ounce fresh mint

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Recommended by thought-leading Dentists and Pharmacists Nationwide
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Free-From Potassium Nitrate (KN03). No 4-Week Warning.

See What Walgreens Logo Customers Are Saying About AloeSense Naturally Soothing Toothpaste:

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Best Toothpaste

This toothpaste is the best toothpaste I have used. Not only is the texture perfect, it rinses cleanly and does not leave any residue. Also, I have not had any sensitivity or a canker sore since using it. New lifetime brand!!!


Great Tasting and Effective

I love the way this toothpaste tastes and rinses so cleanly. More importantly, I have not had any mouth sores or sensitivity since I began using the product 8 months ago.


Soothing for sensitive mouths

I really love this toothpaste. I have very sensitive gums and don't do well with strong minty toothpaste. Aloesense has a pleasant mint taste but it isn't overwhelming.


Great toothpaste!

This toothpaste is great and has dramatically improved the dental health of a family member.


Great for people with gum issues

I have had gum surgery and sensitive teeth. AloeSense has been a wonderful product that has been gentle and soothing on my teeth and gums while at the same time it leaves my teeth feeling clean and fresh, with no abrasion on my gums. Highly recommend!!


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AloeSense Naturally-Soothing
Anti-Cavity Toothpaste

Our great-tasting Fresh Mint Toothpaste is the only clinically-proven fluoride toothpaste to offer you the benefits of aloe PLUS allantoin. This gentle, clean-rinsing and refreshing formula is perfect for your entire family to use daily for proven cavity protection and to leave teeth feeling noticeably clean. AloeSense safely and naturally soothes mouth and gum sensitivity and is recommended by dentists nationwide. And, you can brush with confidence knowing that AloeSense is always Free-From Potassium Nitrate.

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No Bleaches/Peroxides

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No Artificial Colors

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No Alcohols

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No Harsh Abrasives

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No Sugars

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No Parabens

AloeSense Extra-Sensitive Adult
Toothbrush (2-pack)

Specially designed to thoroughly and gently cleanse sensitive teeth and gums. Angled grip and extra soft, tapered bristles make caring for your mouth more comfortable. Give your teeth and gums the soothing care they deserve by brushing with AloeSense Naturally-Soothing Toothpaste and an AloeSense Extra Sensitive Toothbrush.

Two toothbrushes

  • 37 x-soft feathered bristles
  • compact head
  • narrow neck
  • elastomeric grip
  • angled handle

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Leading Dental Professionals Recommend Naturally-Soothing AloeSense To Their Most Sensitive Patients

#1 in Natural Soothing

AloeSense Formulas
Are Always Free-From
Potassium Nitrate.
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Recommended for sensitivity by leading Dentists and Pharmacists Nationwide.

American Dental Association large badgeThe naturally soothing AloeSense formula is also recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance Program for its clinically-proven cavity fighting protection.

The ADA Seal Program ensures clinical safety, efficacy, and production guidelines that far exceed the testing requirements of many ordinary sensitive and regular toothpastes.

Healthy Ingredients You Can Feel Good About

Mother Nature knows best. That is why our toothpaste harnesses the power of natural ingredients to freshen up your smile while protecting your teeth and gums. Many of today's sensitive toothpastes contain harsh irritants like bleaches and rely on potassium nitrate (KN03) as an active ingredient. Many even contain artificial colors, parabens, and other unhealthy ingredients. Who wants all of that in their mouth?

Aloe & Allantoin for Naturally Soothing Sensitivity

Treat your smile right by brushing with a toothpaste that is specially formulated to soothe your sensitivity using only ingredients you can feel good about. We utilize safe and healthy ingredients like aloe vera and allantoin to help your mouth and gums feel better.

Our clinically-proven anti-cavity toothpaste is the only ADA accepted formula for naturally soothing your mouth and gums. We are committed to a gentle and safe but effective approach to your oral health.

Improve Your Oral Care Regimen

Not all sensitive toothpaste brands are created equally. When you need extra care for your sensitive mouth and gums, it is time to switch to a toothpaste that is made right for you.

Many different things can cause mouth and gum sensitivity. Whitening strips are one of the biggest culprits in sensitivity for younger people. They use strong chemicals to remove stains from your teeth and many people overuse them in an attempt to get faster results. Our toothpaste soothes this irritation using gentle, natural ingredients like aloe vera and allantoin.

Has a dental procedure left you with sore and irritated gums? Our toothpaste is great to use after root canals, implants, cleanings, and other procedures. It is also great at soothing irritation from canker sores, allergies, and abrasions from braces and retainers.

Naturally. Great for Your Gums Too

Many people suffer with sore and bleeding gums. There are about 64.7 million Americans of all ages who experience gum problems like early-stage gingivitis—you could be one of them. If so, consider switching your toothpaste today to relieve your pain with naturally-soothing Aloe PLUS Allantoin for your mouth and gums.