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Welcome to AloeSense®, where advanced oral care meets nature's power. Our clinically-proven toothpaste boasts the unique Double Soothing Power™ of Aloe and Allantoin, redefining the standard for soothing relief. Elevate your dental routine with this dynamic duo, saying goodbye to sensitivity and pain and hello to an extraordinary, comfort-infused smile. Discover the AloeSense® soothing advantage today.
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2023 Editor's Favorite:

Discover the Magic of our Proprietary Aloe Plus Allantoin™ Formula
Aloe Vera:

Natural Soothing Agent: Aloe Vera is renowned for its natural soothing properties. When included in toothpaste, it can help alleviate common oral discomforts such as gum irritation, minor mouth sores, and sensitivity. It provides a gentle and comforting effect, promoting overall oral well-being.

Anti-Inflammatory: Aloe Vera contains anti-inflammatory compounds that can reduce oral inflammation and swelling. This makes it a valuable addition for individuals with gum issues or those recovering from oral procedures.

Wound Healing: Aloe Vera's wound-healing properties extend to the mouth. It can support the healing of minor oral injuries and irritations, speeding up the recovery process.

Moisturization: Aloe Vera has natural humectant properties, helping to maintain moisture in the mouth and reduce dryness. This is particularly beneficial for those experiencing dry mouth discomfort.

Comprehensive Soothing: Allantoin is another excellent ingredient for soothing toothpaste. It complements Aloe Vera's soothing effects by offering additional relief from irritation and discomfort in the mouth.

Tissue Regeneration: Allantoin supports tissue regeneration, promoting the healing of oral irritations and minor injuries. It helps rebuild and repair oral tissues, ensuring a quicker recovery.

Anti-Irritant: Allantoin is known for its anti-irritant properties, making it an effective choice for addressing oral issues associated with mild irritation and sensitivity.

Anti-Inflammatory: Like Aloe Vera, Allantoin has anti-inflammatory properties, which can further reduce oral inflammation and swelling, contributing to a calmer, more comfortable oral environment.
Experience the soothing, refreshing, and naturally effective oral care that AloeSense® delivers. Elevate your oral health routine with a toothpaste that's as gentle on your mouth as it is on the environment.
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  • NATURALLY SOOTHING: AloeSense is a natural toothpaste with fluoride that harnesses the power of aloe vera and allantoin, designed to soothe and comfort sensitive teeth and gums. It works to support your overall mouth health and rinses clean, leaving no unpleasant aftertaste after brushing.
  • ALOE & ALLANTOIN: Aloe Vera is a wonderful source of bioactive compounds that helps moisturize your mouth. It works together with Allantoin for cleaning both your teeth and gums, without any need for worrisome abrasives, microbeads, or parabens.
  • FRESH, MINTY TASTE: While both moisturizing and cleansing, AloeSense also gives you that minty freshness you expect from your toothpaste! Enjoy the sensitivity benefits of aloe and allantoin while maintaining proper oral hygiene.
  • SAME PRODUCT, BETTER PACKAGE: As we work to reduce waste, our inventory is being transitioned to carton-free packaging. While you are still receiving all of the wonderful benefits AloeSense brings, the packaging will be changing to compostable bags.
  • CERTIFIED ORAL & GUM CARE: AloeSense is committed to providing natural and effective oral care products that are made in the USA. Our toothpaste for adults and kids alike helps to support sensitive teeth and gums, free from any harsh abrasives, microbeads, peroxides, and parabens. We proudly carry the ADA seal so that you can brush with confidence.
Here's what people are saying about Aloesense® Toothpaste

"The most amazing toothpaste i've ever tried"
– Mary B.

"Finally a toothpaste that helps my sensitive mouth"
– Tom A.

"I have been using AloeSense® for several years and I love it! This toothpaste has a crisp, fresh, peppermint tea taste and really leaves your teeth and mouth feeling completely clean. My dental check ups have been great since using this product. It’s nice to have and alternative to the usual toothpaste options."
– Verified Purchase

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